Information in English

For more information about the coronavirus in English, please visit the website of the National Institute for Health and Environment or the website of the Dutch Government. You can also find an easy explanation of the coronavirus in different languages on the website

WhatsApp Helpline in Moroccan Arabic, Tamazight and Turkish

Do you need someone to talk to or advice/help, because you are in quarantine or home isolation? And do you, or someone you know, not speak Dutch? You can now reach the Red Cross Helpline via WhatsApp in the following languages:

  • Moroccan Arabic: send a (voice) message to 06 48 15 80 55
    العربية المغربية: أرسل رسالة (صوتية) إلى 06 48 15 80 55
  • Tamazight (Berbers): send a (voice) message to 06 48 15 80 55
  • Turkish: send a (voice) message to 06 48 15 80 53
    Türkçe: 06 48 15 80 53'e bir (sesli) mesaj gönderin

A Red Cross volunteer will app or call you back. For more information, see